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Educational Consulting


In the bustling world of preschools, teachers navigate a maze of challenges daily: high staff turnover, a steep learning curve for new educators, and a noticeable increase in children with challenging behaviors. These hurdles can overshadow the joy and discovery that should define early learning experiences, leaving both teachers and students in need of support.


Enter Amazingly Uplifted: your partner in transforming preschool challenges into opportunities for growth and learning. Our services are a blend of expertise and innovation, offering teachers robust classroom management techniques, behavior solutions, and curriculum adaptations. Designed for children with autism, intellectual disabilities, and behavioral challenges, our strategies enrich the learning environment for every child. With Amazingly Uplifted, preschools become nurturing grounds where every student is prepared to thrive in kindergarten and beyond.

In The Classroom

There is an increasing number of children with disabilities accessing general education classrooms. It is important to ensure students receive the services they need and are granted through their Individualized Education Program to succeed in the general education setting. Our general education consultation includes modeling effective inclusion strategies, data tracking and support, de-escalation strategies, creating an inclusive classroom culture and more.

Our team provides support for special education classrooms and teachers in public and private schools, pre-schools, and daycares. We provide direct services by modeling best practices for effective teaching strategies, positive reinforcement, reward systems, and differential instruction techniques. We also assist with academic and behavior data sheets for each students' specific goals and objectives according to their IEP, classroom set up, and sensory room design. Amazingly Uplifted believes in bridging the gap between home and school. Consultants are available to implement lunch and learns and trainings for parents as well.


Professional Development 

At Amazingly Uplifted, professional development goes beyond traditional methodologies. We immerse you in a world of innovative strategies, evidence-based practices, and real-world applications tailored specifically to the nuances of special education. Our sessions are interactive, engaging, and deeply reflective, designed to ignite a passion for teaching and a commitment to excellence in every educator.

Through a collaborative approach, we delve into the complexities of autism and related disabilities, ensuring that every teacher emerges with a deeper understanding and an enhanced skill set. From classroom management and behavior intervention to curriculum adaptation and inclusive teaching, our programs cover the spectrum of needs that special education teachers face.

Managing Challenging Behaviors

FBAs and BIPs

Data Collection Methods

Accommodations and Modifications


Reinforcement Procedures 

ABA in the Classroom

Incidental Teaching

Quality Inclusion

Classroom Management 

and more!


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