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General Education

There is an increasing number of children with disabilities accessing general education classrooms. It is important to ensure students receive the services they need and are granted through their Individualized Education Program to succeed in the general education setting. Our general education consultation includes modeling effective inclusion strategies, data tracking and support, de-escalation strategies, creating an inclusive classroom culture and more.


We also provide a district and school wide professional development series on the following topics: Behavior Modification, Incorporating Modifications and Accommodations, IEP Implementation, and Creating and Inclusive Classroom Culture.

Special Education

Our team provides support for special education classrooms and teachers in public and private schools, pre-schools, and daycares. We provide direct services by modeling best practices for effective teaching strategies, positive reinforcement, reward systems, and differential instruction techniques. We also assist with academic and behavior data sheets for each students' specific goals and objectives according to their IEP, classroom set up, and sensory room design. Amazingly Uplifted believes in bridging the gap between home and school. Consultants are available to implement lunch and learns and trainings for parents as well.


Preschool services are uniquely designed to assist teachers in the following areas: classroom management, behavior solutions, and modifying curriculum, and implementation of early intervention teaching strategies. Methods used for teaching and behavior modification are crafted for children with autism, intellectual disabilities, and behavior disabilities but are also beneficial for all children.

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