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"In 2008 my family moved from New York City to Georgia. We moved with our then 10 year old son who has autism and our 1 year old daughter. We were uncertain about the education system here in the Georgia and just trusted that everything would work out. That August we met a young, vibrant, enthusiastic teacher that came in and literally changed our lives. Our son attended the school where she taught and was placed in her class. We found that her genuine love for what she does, her style and methods of implementing skills and training was a tremendous benefit to our son and she has been and still is a huge positive influence on him. Not only is she a positive reinforcement, our son and daughter look forward to her visits! Our son is now 18 years old and Veronica is now in the process of helping us as parents prepare him for his future. She is a gift from God!"


Mr. and Mrs. Turner

We are truly blessed to have had this inspiring young lady come into our life.  She was one our first therapists 10 years ago and continues to stand by our side to this day.  Our daughter has made incredible progress and we have prospered as a family through her delightful support, encouragement and friendship.  She has grown with us and has always stepped up to any task.  Early on, we would see her several days through the week and she was always just a phone call away.   But when our first summer came and there was no program for us, Veronica stepped up to the plate and we were able to organize a program at our local church.  They donated the space and she went to work!  It was amazing to see it all come together.  Thus, why I love the name for this incredible new endeavor, for there's definitely a higher authority continually working through her guided instruction.  There is always fun but a warm and delightful calmness when she is near.  The kids feel it and so will you.  I never thought we would have come this far and you can too!


Veronica, we love you and thank you with all our heart.


With all sincerity and respect,
Deborah, Samantha Fotsch and family

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