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A puzzle can only be complete when all the pieces are assembled. Each piece is different but no piece is more important than the other. Even if some pieces are the same size or shape they still look different from one another. When the different pieces come together and every piece fits in its place we get a beautiful picture!


Each school is made up of different types of children. Regardless of intellect or ability, each child belongs. Each child is a piece of the school's puzzle. I Fit In is a program designed to promote citiziship, personal development, self-confidence, and acceptance of special needs students. We offer an entertaining, interactive and educational program that teaches students about children with different types of disabilities. Role-play, modeling, and prompting are just a few methods used to inspire the students to reflect on what it means to be differnt. Our goal will help create a school culture of inclusion, acceptance, and belonging. How we treat each other is important. How we treat people who are different from us is important.

This character building experience can be presented as a school assembly or catered to individual grades or classes. 

School Culture

This assembly is a character building experience every student needs.

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