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Learning the Laungage of Autism

An A-Z Guide for Parents and Teachers

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Why everyone who cares for or educates someone with autism should have this book!

Gain Understanding with "Learning the Language of Autism"

Navigating the world of autism can often feel like learning a new language. “Learning the Language of Autism” is here to guide you through this journey, providing a clear and easy-to-read resource for understanding and supporting children with autism. This invaluable guide breaks down the jargon associated with raising and educating a child with autism. From A to Z, each entry offers explanations of key terms and concepts, making complex information relatable and accessible to all.

What You'll Learn?

  • Clear Explanations: Understand the key terms and concepts related to autism with straightforward, easy-to-understand language.

  • Collaboration Tools: Foster better communication and collaboration between parents and teachers with a common framework and language.

  • Growth-Oriented: Use this reference guide as a tool that grows with each child, providing knowledge and understanding at every stage of development.

Why This Book is Essential?

“Learning the Language of Autism” is written to bring parents and teachers together, ensuring that everyone involved in a child's education and development is on the same page. This book is not just a reference but a bridge that connects and strengthens the support network around each child with autism.


Who Is This Book For?

  • Parents: Gain a deeper understanding of your child's world and learn practical ways to support their development.

  • Teachers: Enhance your ability to communicate with and support students with autism in your classroom.

  • Caregivers and Support Staff: Equip yourself with the knowledge to better assist and inspire the children in your care.


Don’t let the language of autism be a barrier. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to make a difference. Get your copy of “Learning the Language of Autism” today and start fostering better understanding and support for children with autism.

About the Author

Hey! I'm Veronica Crafton, the author of Learning the Language of Autism and owner of Amazingly Uplifted. I have worked in the autism community in various capacities over the last 18 years. Take a walk down memory lane with me!

It all started at Emory's Autism Preschool. I worked as an assistant teacher in an inclusion class of 3 and 4 year olds and fell in love on the first day. I knew at that moment working with children with autism was going to be the path for me.

In 2007 I became a special education teacher for the HAVEN program in Cobb County. I had a blast teaching my students and training my paraprofessionals. There I learned to meet the needs of children of various abilities simultaneously. Teaching 5 grades at once in a self-contained classroom wasn't easy but we had fun!

After earning an M.Ed., 6 years of teaching and being voted Teacher of the Year by my peers, I started to see a pattern in the students that were referred to my classroom. The common theme was that teachers didn't have enough training in behavior management and instruction. Being the solution oriented person that I am, I started to wonder how I could remedy this problem.

The answer: Amazingly Uplifted! I started AU in 2013 with the hopes of providing quality educational consulting for teachers from teachers. In the early years of AU we focused on in-class support, coaching teachers, and professional development. In 2018 I decided to add Applied Behavior Analysis to the roster due to the high demand from parents. We provided ABA services in homes and in our autism center until 2022. In 2023 I decided to solely focus on schools and parent support which lead me to becoming an author.

Talk to the Author

We love to hear from parents, teachers, school leaders and anyone interested in learning more about Learning the Language of Autism.


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