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Pauline Terrell M.Ed

Advocate, Consultant

Pauline has worked with children with autism and behavior disorder since 1974.  She started her career in the classroom as a teacher/therapist in County School System.  She developed individual curriculum and treatment protocols for each student. Many autistic children at this time were kept at home by parents who felt shame/guilt because at this time some felt autistic children were assumed to have withdrawn from emotionally cold parents.

In 1977 she moved from the classroom to the position of liaison teacher.    Pauline assisted teachers and parents with behavior management protocols with the integrareting of the students to school and  the community. With the growth of the program she was added to the administrative team in 1980.  Pauline supervised teachers and support staff; conducted staff development in behavior management,  and data collection. During this time she was trained by the Justice Center as a Mediator for education dispute, and earned a Leadership Certification from Georgia State University.  In 1995 Pauline became one of the program’s Assistant Director. She was responsible for assisting in establishing all areas of the instructional program; the supervision of teachers and support staff; participation in the referral process for students to the program; assuring compliance of  due process laws.

Pauline in 2006 retired, but returned as a part-time supervisor, assuming the total overseeing of the classes in the community schools for students with autism.

In 2004 fully retired she has continued to work with students as a mentor in an alternative high school program,  and as an advocate to provide support to parents.

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